Holiday Africa in Style is a Southern Africa boutique wholesale tour operator, offering luxurious and elite private travel itineraries and city stopover packages for couples, families and groups seeking a more personalized travel experience

About Us


Holiday Africa In Style’s mission is to understand the needs of our clients, keep abroad with the changing in the tourism industry. Maintain good relationship with our suppliers as that will allow us to provide our clients with the most efficient professional and personalized service. Also striving to offer exceptional services to our clients and suppliers with the most dedicated staff.

Keys to Success

Continuously looking to improve our working systems, product knowledge as well as efficient services.

Under promise and exceed expectations.

 Successfully position ourselves as travel specialists.

Continuously keeping a happy and motivated working environment.

Develop a repeat-business base of loyal customers.

Communicate the differentiation and quality of our offering through personal interaction and media.

Why choose Holiday Africa In Style?

Choice of over many tours with daily departures from all over South Africa and Neighboring Countries.

Caring, experienced travel multilingual consultants many of whom are born in South Africa giving you up to
 date and intimate knowledge of our beautiful Africa. 

 Our consultants are able to assist you in English, Portuguese and French.

Personal travel consultants who work directly with you in planning your holiday to ensure you
 have a wonderful experience and lasting memories.

You receive a personal travel wallet containing all the information about your holiday. 

You have 24hr access to one of our travel consultants during your tour. If any
  unforeseen issues should arise once you arrive in South Africa, we are right here to sort it out.

Our consultants are travel specialists with inbound and outbound travel experience.

The peace of mind knowing we are a proven local tour operator.