Holiday Africa in Style is a Southern Africa boutique wholesale tour operator, offering luxurious and elite private travel itineraries and city stopover packages for couples, families and groups seeking a more personalized travel experience


Living in South Arica and in constant awe of the different aromas, cultures, languages and landscapes we are truly the expert tour operators of note. You will now enter in a world of fascinating history, art, architecture, cuisine, religious traditions and rituals.


Southern Africa offers the most breathtaking scenery and beaches, mountains, forests and World Heritage sites, presenting the most spectacular resorts, hotels, and spa’s.

Our philosophy is to treat all guests equally and in style, after all we are not only providing you with a lavish tour, but are introducing you to Holiday Africa in Style’s distinguishing traits which you are about to experience.


Through our expertise we have built a community of travelers from around the world with shared ideals interests and a hunger for travel beyond the ordinary. Whether you’re new to us, or a repeat traveler, click through our website to take a look at the diverse and unique journeys of Southern Africa and it surrounding islands…

Zanzibar - Azanzi Beach Hotel

Oyster Box Hotel

Bantry Bay Luxury Suites





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